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February 28, 2017

Maytree Opinion

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Striking a fair deal for the non-profit sector

Non-profits are servants to and stewards of the community, and employ more than two million people in Canada. In all of these roles, our funding relationship with governments heavily influences our work. In this month’s Opinion, Maytree president Elizabeth McIsaac proposes that we need a new deal between the government and non-profits, one that sees funding as an investment in our communities and in decent work for employees in the sector.

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Featured articles

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Cities have grown up and it’s time Ontario acted like it

Responsibilities for housing, social services and major infrastructure have been downloaded both formally and informally by provincial governments to cities. What hasn’t come along with those responsibilities is the tools at the local level to raise the revenue to pay for them. As Alan Broadbent argues in this opinion, Canada’s cities must be able to exercise local governance, accountability and revenue tools to meet local needs and build strong, inclusive communities. 

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Policy brief: Should the National Housing Strategy include a housing benefit?

Canadian housing policy has traditionally focused on creating a supply of affordable housing, rather than on people’s ability to afford a home. The upcoming national housing strategy is an opportunity for us to consider how a housing benefit that is tied to a person or a family – rather than to a housing unit – could provide people with greater choice, reach more people, and be a fair, flexible and efficient response to housing need.

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Filing taxes brings major benefits to people on low incomes

For people living on low incomes, tax time is an important opportunity to tap into a wide array of federal and provincial tax benefits that can give a real boost to their incomes. In this article, Elizabeth Mulholland, CEO of Prosper Canada, discusses innovative approaches that are helping people overcome barriers to filing their taxes and claiming these benefits.

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A journalist’s instinct – making social policy newsworthy

Many of the issues we face are well known within our sector. But how do we tell our stories to a wider audience? In a follow-up to last month’s article, “How to change the conversation: Think like a reporter,” we asked Richard Matern, Director, Research and Communications at Daily Bread Food Bank, what thinking like a journalist means to his day-to-day work, and how it can increase the profile of non-profit organizations and bring more attention to important issues that affect the communities we serve.

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Knowledge and learning

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Five Good Ideas about stress management and resiliency

On February 13, Dr. Kwame McKenzie, CEO of the Wellesley Institute, talked about the potentially devastating effects of stress, and gave us his ideas about keeping yourself psychologically resilient and what leaders can do to promote healthy, balanced workplaces in times of uncertainty. 

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Register for the March 24 session: Five Good Ideas to renew trust in democracy

From all sides, we are hearing that our democracy is facing challenges – how should we respond? How can people from different circles and stations be brought back together to govern between elections? On March 24, join us to hear Karim Bardeesy, Distinguished Visiting Professor at Ryerson University and former Deputy Principal Secretary, Office of the Premier, talk about how a renewal of democratic activity across sectors can help institutions work better and be more responsive to the people they serve.

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Publications of note

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Poverty reduction and disability income

In this report, the Caledon Institute proposes a new federal income benefit program that would replace provincial/territorial social assistance for working age persons with severe disabilities. The design of this proposed form of basic income is modelled on the federal Guaranteed Income Supplement for low-income seniors.

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Other publications from the Caledon Institute:

News you can use

Livestream of the Park People’s Heart of the City conference
On March 6, join 100 delegates from across Canada for the first national gathering of city park leaders and champions who are shaping the future of city parks across North America. The Heart of the City Conference will be livestreamed in English and French. Learn more and register for the livestream
Cities reducing poverty: When business is engaged (Tamarack conference)
The Tamarack Institute’s third annual poverty reduction summit will bring major business leaders together with community organizers, three levels of government, Indigenous leaders, funders, policy-makers and people with lived experience to examine the role of business and multi-sectoral approaches to poverty reduction. The conference will take place April 4-6 in Hamilton. Learn more and register
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