February 1, 2017.  235 days until the Rev 12 alignment occurs
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Blown Away Again.

I'm not date setting. But this is a good 2550 Days of Daniel and Revelation model that just might picture a rapture window..2550 is 1260/1290, the number of days required to bridge the time between the beginning of Daniel's 70th week, or time of Jacob's trouble, to the return of Jesus Christ. The model is based on 2550 days forward from September 24, 2017 to the Eve of Sukkot in the 7th month of the Hebrew calendar, September 17, 2024.

September 17, 2024 begins Sukkot, the 7 day Feast of Tabernacles on the 7th month of the Hebrew calendar. There will be a partial lunar eclipse on this Eve of Sukkot. This Sukkot ends 7 days later on September 24 on the Gregorian calendar, the same date I begin the 2550 days of Daniel and Revelation,. which is one day after the alignment September 23, 2017, the fulfillment of the Revelation 12 Sign. 

Personally, I'm persuaded to consider the possibility.

So immediately after the September 23, 2017 alignment, 2550 days takes us to the Eve of Sukkot on September 17, 2024 where that the feast ends on the exact same date upon which we begin our 2550 day count.  Since Seven days forward from the Eve of Sukkot ends on September 24, 2024 (a seemingly significant date), could the seven day mark BEFORE 9/24/17 (September 17, 2017) be a significant date as well? Well, I do like what seems to be an amazing pattern of three sevens.
I mean, we ARE in the year 5777 on the Hebrew Calendar.
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Changing subjects,
I realized the word "blasphemy" in the New Testament Greek actually defines political correctness to a T.

Cognate: 988 blasphēmía (from blax, "sluggish/slow," and 5345/phḗmē, "reputation, fame") – blasphemy – literally, slow (sluggish) to call something good (that really is good) – and slow to identify what is truly bad (that really is evil).

Blasphemy (988 /blasphēmía) "switches" right for wrong (wrong for right), i.e. calls what God disapproves, "right" which "exchanges the truth of God for a lie" (Ro 1:25). See 987 (blasphēmeō).

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20
Til next time, keep looking up. Much love in Christ,
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