It's Friday. Let's take a #selfie. 
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What social media platform is least important to #millennials? Results at the end of this email in our #SelfieFriday #MillennialSurvey 
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Oxford Dictionaries Added "Squad Goals" and "Cat Lady" to Its Collection
YAS! 365 Days of Tacos 
- San Antonio Edition

(for all you #millennial #foodies out there, you're welcome.)

Should Millennials buy Snapchat stock?

His teenaged kids use Snapchat, and not Facebook. But they also use Instagram -- which is owned by Facebook. 

"My kids tell me Snapchat doesn't have all the ads Facebook has, and that is part of the appeal. However, that is also an important revenue stream for Snap," Norris said. 

"What happens to its popularity when it ramps up the ads to turn a profit? Will it still be as popular with Millennials and Generation Z?" Norris added. "Ultimately, IPO hype gives way to show me the money."

Videos of the Week

Tom Hiddleston Live Narrates a Viral Pregnant Giraffe Webcam

We thought Gen X was a bunch of slackers. Now they’re the suits.

The Great Ideological Wars of 2017 have pitted gray-hairs against snowflakes, the we-liked-it-the-old-way boomers, more than half of whom cast their ballots for Donald Trump, vs. the idealistic millennials, who would prefer it if Grandpa kept his paws off their rights.

Then there’s the wild card: The 66 million aging hipsters known as Generation X.

Restaurants: Why Being A Millennial Is A Competitive Advantage In A Tough Industry

Social media marketing is one of the greatest trends they use for their business. 

  • Instagram is a powerhouse in the social media world, boasting 600 million worldwide users. An astonishing 55% of those users are 18-29, a key demographic for business owners.

  • Platforms like Instagram are a great place for influencer marketing, an approach where a brand uses someone with a large following to promote a product or service.

This public library is offering 'Adulting 101' classes for Millennials

The North Bend Public Library in Oregon is starting a new program called "Adulting 101," which is essentially a bunch of classes geared towards helping people become functioning adults without having to call mom for help. 

Classes range from financial advice, such as setting a budget and filing taxes, to cooking, getting a job, talking to your landlord and basic handy work.

Boomers Out; Millennials In

There are six different generations still working side by side in 2017, says the report. In just the last year alone, millions of First Wave Boomers and pre-Boomers have left the North American workforce, while millions of Second Wave Millennials have joined.”

“Today’s generation gap is about much more than a clash of styles and preferences; much more than the creative energy of youth challenging the cautious wisdom of experience; more than the new butting up against the old,”

Millennials are actually pretty rich

According to a study by Wealth & Affluent Monitor, millennials now account for 13 percent of the “wealth and affluent market.” That is defined as households with at least $100,000 in investible assets. Rubbing salt into open wounds, members of Gen X, who had many more years in which to squirrel away savings, account for only 17 percent of that high-end segment.

Millennials and Relationship Problems..."Work is More Important"

This mindset coupled with the rise of the gig economy and technology has led to many members of Generation Y to throw themselves into a world of constant work. The drive to live and present the “good life” has led many to justify this obsession with success as part of “the hustle ”, even wearing it as a badge of honor, not realizing the consequences it has on building and maintaining meaningful relationships.   

What many millennials don’t appear to be realizing, is that research suggests having meaningful relationships helps manage stress and improve health.  Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, marriage and family psychotherapist, shares the importance of relationships, “ human beings are built for relationships. It's in our DNA.  It's what ensures the survival of our species, and its what will ensure the survival of your career.” He goes on to share the importance of relationships, “we enhance our selves, our families and the world around us.”
Although each generation expresses interest on social during the same stage in the customer journey, they aren’t looking for the same experience. Millennials follow brands for entertainment value (38%) and information (42%), whereas Gen X is more likely to follow for contests (41%), deals and promotions (58%)Baby boomers fall somewhere in the middle and are looking for a healthy mix of deals and promotion (60%) and information (53%).
Nokia for the Win... 

O-M-G: There’s A Second 2-Toned Secret Starbucks Drink


Um...Hoodie Jewelry Is A Thing Now 
#New Jewelry #Trend  

#Millennial Survey Results!
Thanks to all who participated in our survey this week. We asked exactly 100 millennials several lifestyle questions and here are the TOP 5 TAKEAWAYS we found interesting...take a look!
Takeaway #1: They get their news on the internet (#shocking), and magazines are dying.
Takeaway #2: They like Instagram. A LOT.

Takeaway #3: TV is still alive...for now...
Takeaway #4: "Lazy and Entitled" is so #FALSE..."Always on their phone" possibly true...
Takeaway #5: Top life priorities are...
2. Getting Married
3. Going Out To Dinner
Before we leave, let's do one more #selfie.
Selfie of the Week
Pro-football players visit pyramids during a trip to Egypt with the nonprofit, American Football Without Barriers.

Happy Friday! #SelfieFriday reporting over an out #TGIF

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