National Residence Hall Honorary: The Golden Bear Chapter
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A Letter To the Members

Dearest Members of NRHH,

We are excited to announce that we are back and ready for action!

This year, our team wants to focus on revitalizing the organization by returning to the values that made NRHH the wonderful organization it is today. Our goal for the year is to go back to our roots: emphasizing philanthropy and recognition. We want to create solid relationships with professional and student hall staff as well as campus partners to support each other.

Beginning with this semester, we want to reassure you all that we are an existing presence within the residence halls with the ability to impact our community in unique and glorious ways. We want to take on new challenges to strengthen the bonds of the current members and develop an organization with passionate individuals actively engaged within the Berkeley community. Our goal is to become visible by being involved with numerous organizations throughout campus. We also want to establish a true sisterhood with RHA, working together to serve and improve the residence halls. Working together, we can better nurture campus leaders and residents in a multitude of ways.

Next semester we would like to focus on expanding our presence throughout the residence halls and recruiting new members to join our amazing organization. Not only do we want to be visible, we want to be known. Through meeting the goals of the previous semester, we will be able to achieve this status that we hope to carry through for years to come.

With all that being said, we, the members of the executive team, recognize that our goals are big and somewhat difficult; but our ambitions to succeed are bigger and stronger. We know that with your help, participation and leadership we can create a wonderful organization with a voice, meaning and purpose.

We cannot wait to see you all at our first meeting on Wednesday, September 14th. At this meeting, we hope to formally introduce some of our goals, create committees, vote on a budget and hear from you about what you would like to do in NRHH this year. We will share in some snacks and innovation to refuel and redefine what it means to be the Golden Bear Chapter.

With great excitement,
The Executive Team
Christina Connolly
Anirudh Narula
Taryn Thomas
Brandon Lee

Meet The Executive Team

President, Christina Connolly

Hello, friends! My name is CJ and I am so excited to be serving as the NRHH President this year. I am a third year, pre law student, majoring in Psychology and double minoring in English and Peace and Conflict studies. I am from a small town in Northern California half way between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe called El Dorado Hills. I have been active in the res life community since my first year, serving as an RHA rep, a member of Peer Review Board and of course as a member of NRHH. Last year I was blessed to serve as an RA in Unit 3 and this year I am the CLA for Norton and Spens Black. When I am not busy with res life, you can find me watching Netflix, obsessing over Beyonce, drinking boba or eating Thai food or chocolatey goodies. I am beyond excited for an amazing year with NRHH and cannot wait to see all the wonderful things we accomplish in the residence halls. Feel free to reach out to me any time about anything and everything. Let's have a great year together!

Fun Fact: I can eat an oreo off my face without using my hands in under 10 seconds.

VP of Finance & Communications, Anirudh Narula

Hey everyone! My name is Anirudh Narula and I am an international student from India. I am a junior and a Developmental Studies major with a minor in Global Poverty & Practice. I love reading, writing, watching TV, movies etc. I also love talking about developmental theories and practice, politics, literature etc. I am really excited to be the VP of Finance & Communications for NRHH this year. I aim to have a larger presence of NRHH in the residence halls and focus on getting more members. We also hope to allocate considerable resources towards philanthropy and make NRHH great again! I am really excited and look forward to meeting you all at the first meeting and for a great year ahead.   

Fun Fact: The only way I like my ice cream is melted.

VP of Recognitions, Taryn Thomas

Hey everyone! My role within NRHH is to facilitate the OTM (Of the Month) process. OTMs are a wonderful way to acknowledge the achievements of peers and hall staff in the Residence Halls. We are known as the “warm and fuzzies” committee of NRHH, since OTMS are all about giving back and appreciating one another for our contributions. I’m a fourth year Economics major from Folsom, CA, a boring but chill suburb about half an hour outside of Sacramento. When I’m not keeping busy with Res Hall life, you can find me spending all my money on boba, watching cooking shows, or taking Bart into the city for a random adventure. Or sleeping. Probably sleeping. I can’t wait to make a difference and spread the love with you all!!

Fun fact: I’ve touched David Archuleta and Demi Lovato.

VP of Selections, Brandon Lee

Hello there! It is a pleasure to be the Vice President of Selections for the National Residence Hall Honorary: Golden Bear Chapter this year.  I'm a junior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Peace and Conflict Studies.
I was born and raised in the City by the Bay: San Francisco so Go Giants and Niners! If you need any recommendations for food/beverage or scenic spots, I'm your go to guide!
Some of the things that I’m enthusiastic about are baking, hiking, movies, music, exploring new food places, and watching baseball! Feel free to join me on these adventures!
If I'm not in the NRHH office, you can probably fine me at Philz, or at a sports event! I look forward to an unforgettable year. Cheers!

Fun Fact: I make a really good banana bread and mini cheesecake.

Advisor, Alex Brown

Hello, everyone! I am Alex Brown and I am from a seaside town in Virginia that has an Elvis Half-Marathon (like, impersonators dress up as Elvis and run). I received my BS in Psychology from Virginia Tech (GO HOKIES) and also have a MS in College Student Personnel. I am the RD for La Loma (Best Loma) and Stern (Best Stern), and really want more people to make the trek up to the scenic wildlife sanctuary that is Unit 4. In my free time, I like to write stories that are scary. Recently, I put that psych degree to use and taught my cat how to play fetch.

Fun Fact: I have a (slightly spooky) audio drama podcast that you should totally listen to. If you dare...

Academic & Leadership Coordinator, Jason Anthony

Hi There! My name is Jason and I'm originally from Long Island, New York. My higher education career has spanned the past 15 years and brought me to several institutions including Columbia, The New School, John Hopkin, Brown and GW. Professionally, I have worked in areas including student activities and leadership development, disability access and support, higher education opportunity, religious life support, and academic services. I received my BA in Religion at GW and my MA in Higher Education at Teachers College-Columbia in NYC. I enjoy working with our great student employee team, our residential faculty and our residents.

Fun Fact: I have three first names.

Important Dates:
  • September 14th, 8pm-9pm: Chapter Meeting in Unit 1 APR
  • September 28th, 8pm-9pm: Chapter Meeting in Unit 1 APR
  • October 12th, 8pm-9pm: Chapter Meeting in Unit 1 APR
  • October 26th, 8pm-9pm: Chapter Meeting in Unit 1 APR
  • October 27th, RHA AHOW
  • November 9th, 8pm-9pm: Chapter Meeting in Unit 1 APR
  • November 20th, RHA BearFest
  • November 30th, 8pm-9pm: Chapter Meeting in Unit 1 APR
  • December 4th: Fall NRHH & RHA Banquet in Foothill APR


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Christina Connolly

Anirudh Narula

Taryn Thomas

Brandon Lee


Interested in becoming an NRHH rep for your unit?
Let us know at the first meeting!


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