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Chalk Art by Christina Price


Friday December 2
Popcorn Sale 3 pm (GS)

Saturday & Sunday December 3 & 4
VWS Pop-up Shop 9 - 4 pm (Elysian Coffee)

Tuesday December 6
Waldorf Welcome 8:45 - 10:15 am (GS)
Early Dismissal 1:15 pm (GS)
Christmas Concert 7 pm Highland United Church

Friday December 9
Community Coffee Morning 8:30 - 9:30 am (GS)
Christmas Fair Review 8:45 - 10 am (GS)
Artistic Experiences & Study Group 9 - 10:30 am (GS)


Tuesday December 13
Sr Girls Basketball Game VWS vs WPGA 5 pm (Vancouver)


Annual Christmas Concert
Details: Tuesday, December 6th 7pm Highlands United Church.

Early Dismissal: December 6th 1:15 pm for Grade School Students.

Performers are Grades 4-12 only
Seating is limited at Highlands so seating is reserved for performers and their families.

Required Arrival Times
Grade 6, 7 & 8 - 6:15 pm
Grade 4 & 5 - 6:30 pm
HS Choir & Ensemble - 6:45 pm

Waldorf Welcome - Do you have friends or family who are interested in learning more about Waldorf Education? Please invite them to our Information Session next Tuesday morning.

Advent Lunches - Thank you for your delicious meals! There are still a few opportunities to sign-up if you would like to participate in this heart & belly-warning gifting opportunity. Contact your Class Rep or Laura at if you need the link.

Dish Pickup - We have a small collection of dishes from this week, as well as possibly from the Christmas Fair. They are currently being kept in the Community Kitchen, please pick up at your convenience.

Purdy's Chocolates - Today is your last chance to order Purdy's Chocolates in support of our Gr 12 class. Help them fundraise for their year end service trip. Order online here:

Gr 11 Craft Market - 11th grade students will be manning a table of their giftwares and crafts at the Artisan Holiday Market from 10 - 7 pm on Sunday at Lonsdale Quay.

Waldorf Pop-up Shop - Visit the Red Door Store at Elysian Coffee at 2301 Ontario Street, Vancouver from 9 - 4, all weekend.

Bales of Hay - We have a few bales of the much loved hay from the Christmas Fair available for sale. Please see Ronaye if you would like to purchase any for your garden or your goats! $20/bale.

AWSNA enews, Inform & Waldorf Today - For your weekend reading pleasure: AWSNA, Inform & Waldorf Today


Congratulations to our senior girls basketball team who have started the season with back to back wins!
Nov 29 VWS vs Carver - 47-22
Dec 1 VWS vs Fraser Academy - 45-19
Our senior boys soccer team finished in 4th place out of 14 teams in the GVISAA League (Greater Vancouver Independent Schools Athletic Association) after a very good season. Our senior girls volleyball team also had a stellar season. They came 6th out of 13 teams in the GVISAA League. Congratulations!
Senior Boys Soccer
Picture (Back row right) : Jonas (gr.10), Riki (gr.11), Stefan (gr.12), Jonah (gr.10), Mario (gr.11), Harrison (gr.11), Diego (gr.11), Paul (gr.10), Tibor Jeremias (coach), Joao (gr.11), Leon (gr.10), Emmett V. (gr.11 captain and team MVP), Emmett McP. (gr.7), Drake (gr.7), Emiliano (gr.7) Missing: Joshua (gr.10)
Senior Girls Volleyball
Picture (Back row right): Eduardo Junqueira Meirelles (coach), Anne Marte (gr.11), Michaela (gr.9), Hayley (gr.11), Lucy (gr.11), Carlotta (gr.10), Rachel (gr.12), Robyn (gr.10), Lily (gr.12 captain and team MVP), Ruby (gr.10), Magdalena (gr.11).


Math 9 engaged in group work...
and presenting their solutions.
Biology 12 designing and testing...
a bike helmet for an egg!
Gr 12 students dressed as different decades for their 20th Century Main Lesson.



Following their performance in "The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces", students from grades 4 & 8, along with their new friends from Cascadia, had some feedback to share about their experiences. Here are a few highlights. I tried to choose only 3 or 4 to post, but they are all so lovely. Enjoy!

“It was fun. Nice to spend time with Cascadia friends… this was our first time.”

“I liked meeting some new friends. We practiced so hard and it seemed to take a long time, but now it is all over so fast.”

“It was so special to work with the grade 4 class. The last time there was a younger class involved was in 2012 with the current grade 7 for Hansel and Gretel. The children bring liveliness to the fairy tale.”

“It was so wonderful to see the mix of ages on the stage. One of the trees was 70 years old and some of the grade 4’s are as young as 9. The grade 8’s did particularly well… the daughters were so together.”

“It doesn’t matter how old people are, as long as we have fun together.”

“It was kind of nice. It was odd first going in on the stage with the lights on. I loved the play, the trees, princesses, daughters and the guitar, the flute business and the drumming. I enjoyed being the door. It was a hot night in Vancouver.”

“I really liked the whole performance in general. Working with the Cascadians was such a unique experience.”

“I didn’t know what to do for the last rehearsal so when we were asked to dance we did the chicken dance on stage. I enjoyed making my new friends laugh.”

“This was his first time on stage. It was pretty good. My mom and Dad were so happy for me and my Gramma and Grampa. My favourite part was being the Prince.”

“As an actor it was fascinating to watch. The princesses were really together. It was amazing how it all came together. The energy was like nothing else I have experienced. It made me cry and it was very healing for my heart, especially the Soldier.”

“Amazing grade 4 and grade 8. Great princesses. Favourite was the princesses. Lorna waited with her flute for me to come out as the Soldier. We worked together.”

“I liked the Dance. It looked really fun. Backstage we were dancing too. We could hear the music very well from the speaker that was back there. It all went very well.”

“It was fun with my sister in rehearsals when I got to be the princess.”

“(She) liked it – her eyes told us so.”

“I liked working with (a particular companion) and I was so happy to see that her walking was better as time went on than it had been at the first practice. ...her parents had noticed her walking and were so touched that the students looked after the companions so well.”

“When I heard that we were doing “The Shoes that Were Danced to Pieces” I was very excited because it was my favourite (story) as a little girl and I was very excited to be a princess. I’m not usually a patient person but I learned to be patient with our new friends.”

“I thought it was really incredible to be able to meet all the new people. The play was really good. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I love all of them.”

“I really like it, being in the performance. I liked being with the Cascadians. It was really fun for me. My mom said it was so wonderful.”

“The most impressive aspect was that there were a lot of mistakes but everyone made the best of it, and stayed in their roles. We were all able to adapt. Impressive!”

“I really like the whole entire performance. It was pretty good. Everyone tried to do their best. I liked the music.”



I will be singing your praises for some time to come; watching how our Children’s Christmas Fair came together strengthened my admiration for our community. I saw the hard work and dedication, and also the joy and celebration that came with serving our children. Thank you for your unique contributions; we each take on what we can carry and sometimes surprise ourselves at the end! It's now starting to feel more distant in my memory, however I'm looking forward to meeting with Coordinators next Friday to review and start looking to 2017!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Many blessings
Laura Bergstrome
Communications & Events
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