Of all the Garbage Pail Kids-related stories, this one is the best!
Obviously, the big news is that Topps has released a brand new Garbage Pail Kids Series! That's right, ADAM-GEDDON is now showing up in stores across the country! Focusing on what happens when GPK meets 'end of the world scenarios', this series is much darker (and more fun) than a number of recent releases.  Adam-Geddon searches to find out "what happens to the Garbage Pail Kids when every end of the world scenario happens all at once!  Flooding, Meteors, Drone Strikes, Zombie Apocalypse, Alien Invasion, Giant Monsters, The Plague..." and more!

However, just like Apple Pie, Trashy TV, etc., this series is bloated with multiple subsets, re-hashed OS characters, and parallel border colors. Still...there are some fantastic pieces of art in here, and I'll be working on getting it added to as quickly as possible. 

Here's hoping you find them in stores and pull some bada$$ stickers!!  Best of luck from GEEPEEKAY!!
Of course some other stuff happened as well...
  • On January 9th Topps released a set of cards specifically poking fun at the Golden Globes. The "Golden Groans" is a 10-card set that features parodies of Meryl Streep, Jimmy Fallon, Game of Thrones, and more. Click here for pictures and info!
  • Topps released a slew of DisgRace to the White House sets but thankfully the series appears to be coming to an end! I have completed a checklist and gallery that you can view here
  • But don't get too excited about DisgRace ending because Topps kicked off a new series that has the potential to last just as long (if not longer). The GPK Network Spews series has been added to the 2017 Online Exclusives gallery...and I'll be updating it as time permits
  • On January 13th Topps released an all new Comic Book?! That's right, a six-page comic complete with two cards went on sale for $19.99 + S&H. I will get more images soon, but you can view a preview page here
The 'Spotlight Section' provides a closer look at some of the less-visited pages...maybe one you might have missed on your previous visits.
The fact Topps went out of its way to try and bring the Comics back from the dead reminded me of another ‘comic-related’ project that never got the chance to succeed:  Micro Comic Fun Packs!  This page often gets overlooked, but it’s one I’m extremely proud of…and it details a cool little part of the hobby that unfortunately never made it across the finish line.  Click HERE to visit the page and join me in wondering what could have been!  (…and here’s hoping the Topps Comic eventually puts out something as kickass as this!!)
Here's a quick rundown of some new content at GEEPEEKAY:
  • December 28: New page dedicated to Magic Marker Art - Mark Pingitore added to the 'Parody' section (link)
  • January 5: Added the Prime Slime Trashy TV Series to the 'Gallery' section (28 pages total!) (link)
  • January 10: Added the complete Prime Slime Trashy TV checklist to the 'Checklists' section (link)
  • January 15: Added the Golden Groans subset to the '2017 Online Exclusives' section (link)
  • January 16: Created a preview page for 'GPK Network Spews' (link)
  • Remember to check the 'UPDATES' page to stay up-to-date with all the new changes at GEEPEEKAY (link)
Now that you know what's new to the site, here's a sneak peek at what I'm going to be adding next!
My to-do list is a mile long, but I have a few things I want to get done sooner than later. I'm hoping to continue my updates to the WORLD section by updating the JAPAN page to my new format. Also, I will be working on trying to complete the FIND YOUR NAME pages. Please let me know if there's something you want to see added!
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